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Railway Maintenance

Tel: 01423 781010
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XL Lubricants is a division of
NTM Sales & Marketing Ltd
P.O Box 2

All Products ISO9002 Standard

XL Lubricants Company Profile

We are a young and progressive company with a dedicated range of quality lubricants for the Railway Industry.

We have been supplying the railway industry in the UK for more than 10 years, our first products being winter operating agents. Over this period we have become brand leaders in the supply of slide chair lubricants.

All our products have unique formulations, working closely with rail engineers, we have developed the XL range of lubricants to suit specific rail applications.

Our products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable and empty containers do not require any specialised disposal arrangements.

Our Company is involved in product innovation not just supply and we have several rail related projects in the pipe line.

All the XL range of products are manufactured to ISO9002.

Contact XL Lubricants today for more information on our lubrication solutions for the modern railway industry.

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